1997 Twelve Caesars of the Techno-Empire

12 busts of the “Caesars of the Techno Empire” were exhibited in the most celebrative club of the city. They depict 12 well-known Berline DJs, who appear as Ancient Greek and Roman dieties. The founder of Love-Parade, “Dr. Motte” is portrayed as the God of Love, Amor. Westbam wears an oak reeth and a toga of Apollo of the Belevedere. DJ Marusha was provided with a classicist hair style of the Prussian Queen Luise.

This exhibition took place when Techno has accomplished its function as the first positively loaded cultural phaenomenon of post-war Germany and began to decay becomming a banal mass dynamics. The youngest history of art sees the “Caesars” as one of the earliest public gestures of a non-ironic take on the database of the art of Antiquity.