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stands for a chord of artistic media, resonating in a deep bond with philosophy, technology and activism. The website at hand documents a wide spectrum of practices which are commited to an adisciplinary anti-capitalist art for a world without nations and borders, with solidarity and love. It contains, bottom-up: ^ ^ sculptural contributions to the movement of Neo-Academism, St. Petersburg ^ ^ subversive immortalisation of Berlin’s renowned DJs as Roman and Greek Gods ^ ^ early interactive 3d sculptures that emerged from the unity of knowledge known as Berlin Media Theory ^ ^ political monuments unveiling the mechanisms of propaganda ^ ^ performing Ancient Greek Hymns ^ ^ further development of the pre-Socratean mathematical structures of knowledge into synthetic sculptures of Cat-Notation ^ ^ Modulating Politics: sculptural systems as political models ^ ^ Works inspired by the Athens Riots ^ ^ global aCtIVISm: on the architecture of the First Global Revolution ^ ^ Berlin Biennale 7: participation in a movement challenging cultural institutions to radically transform ^ ^ Krytyka Polityczna Berlin magazine as a tool for art and politics ^ ^ Avtonomi Akadimia, an upcoming socio-cybernetic sculpture, film set and activist education experiment in Athens ^ ^