2010 TK News – 5 Athens

In collaboration with Moritz Mattern

After the cultural revolution the country is ruled by artists. Key positions are occupied by protagonists of the dynamic are scene of Athens. In einem Sci-Fi scenario, but in documentary style, actual processes in Greece are unveiled.

The dramaturgy is replaces by a “Dynamic Helones Structure”, turtle shell sections cover separated scenes. 22 year old prime minister and actor is interviewed at the place that has become a senctuary of our time, where a harmless teenager was shot by a policeman in december 2008. Alexandros Grigoropoulos street is the spot from which the initial insurrection against the situation in Greece and in Europe has sparked.

The new director of the New Acropolis Museum explains, why from now on exhibitions of contemporary art will take place in such archaeological and philological place. The museum’s curator speaks about the end of time as well as about the sculpture “Kouros Narkotikos. A Monuent to the Junkies of Omonia”. Performance artist executes an educational program for the policemman by singing an ancient Greek “Hymn to the Sun” to them at their working positions. Video artist films this with a camera hidden in the eye of the skull of his belt. Both are attacked by the police and find themselves in a military hospital. A new law “for the abolishment of the usage of chemicals by the police” has not yet been enforced yet. The doctor diagnoses the “New Normality”, a state that will reach all the inhabitants of the Mediterranen Basin. Symptoms: cascades of images, onlasting affect, end of logos.