2006 In the Radio Garden

In collaboration with Wladimir Velminski

Radio Brain was created on the occasion of the Festival RadioREVOLT (Halle/S, 2006). The work is grounded on the idea of Russian science fiction author Alexej Beljaev. In his novel “The Owner of the World” (1928), Beljaev posits that “our entire body represents a complex electric apparatus, an entire radio station capable of sending and receiving electromagnetic signals.”

Radio Brain takes this observation literally: a sculpture consisting of telepathy-supporting or -disturbing tin oak leaves invites the viewer into its inner realm. Those who take their place in the rocking chair are fully isolated from the radio waves of the outer world.

During the opening performance, Velminski was sitting in the Radio Brain receiving the signals of Joulia Strauss, mathematical animal signs she – visible only to visitors – drew and projected in realtime with a projector.